March 22, 2022 1 min read

You have confidence, that's not the issue.

Yet doubts still creep in.

And moments throughout the day where you question yourself.

You spend a day thinking about all of the ways you want to slightly improve, but you don't take a moment to recognize how badass you already are and how far you've come...because you've come, so far.

The intention reminder of "I honor the power within me" works with your power chakra, also known as your solar plexus chakra.

It helps you can tap into your existing feelings of inner strength and calm confidence and help you expand it into areas that still need some lovin'.

Any time you have a moment where you feel like you can't do something, or you're unsure of what to do, remember that you have so much support behind you (an entire lineage of people as well as the greater energy that is YOU) and align back to the power within.

The world needs your greatness.  Quietly, out loud, or somewhere in between.






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