February 14, 2022 1 min read

Have you ever been holding a baby, and you turn to look in the mirror, you start smiling and waving and making funny faces...

Did the baby look in the mirror, point to its chunky lil legs and go "goo goo ga ga" ie "dang my legs are PLUMP I need to workout!" 


Which means along this journey of life you were taught crazy things, like to glimpse in the mirror and look for what's wrong, or evaluate what could be better, instead of being at peace and loving what is (and dare you even get to the part where you celebrate yourself!)

Deep is our black underwear, with the gentle reminder to let go of old ideas and to embody yourself fully, throughout the day.

Thankfully these criticizing thoughts can be re-routed, and having a gentle intention in your underwear certainly makes for a fun reminder ✨


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