February 23, 2022 2 min read

You did it we're here!  You're ready to make more magic and be in higher alignment with your life and that intention has already been activated when you first made the decision to order!

Now onto the good stuff.

How to make the most of the intentions and special tanks or undies you ordered!

We put together a few options to get you started.  And as your personal practice of setting intentions for your day, event, or evening, evolve, we'd love to have you share what's working for you!  Feel free to leave a comment here or email us hello@livegratitude.com

Option 1:

When getting ready, notice which color you're initially drawn to.  That's the support your energy is desiring.  Review the hidden intention printed inside the piece and take a moment with it, or not if you need to get going, either way it works.  Know that the intention is supporting you throughout the rest of your day.

Option 2

Choose a specific color or intention based on what you need that day.  For example, if you need to have an important conversation with someone you love, you have a presentation, need to ask for a raise, apply for a promotion or new job, or you feel like you want clearer boundaries with an in-law.  You would choose Authentic to help support your throat chakra energy with your intention.  Same goes for the rest of the colors.

Option 3: Who knows how you're feeling or what you need, but you would like to leave the house wearing some underwear, so you grab whichever pair is closest!   Know that the energy is still lovingly holding the vibration of the intention against your skin throughout the day, giving you gently nurturing vibrations of support.

You may notice you choose the same color throughout the week, or are often changing, all of it is perfectly correct.  It's all about how you feel, let your energy guide you.

Share in the comments your favorite color or what you've noticed!

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