January 31, 2022 2 min read

Welcome!  We're so excited you're here and already magnetizing more of what you're desiring to have in your life!

You've purchased your tank and/or underwear, now what?  

Besides enjoying the softness and natural fabric on your body, how can you work with the intentions written on them, to get the best benefits for you?

There are a few different ways to work with the different colors and intentions, below are two ways to to get your started with getting the most out of your pieces, and if you have other ideas we'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

One: When you're getting ready, notice which color you're initially drawn to.

The color you noticed first, or felt called or nudged towards, that's the support your energy is needing that day.  It's what you're evolving to in that moment.

Next, review the hidden intention printed inside the piece and take a moment with it, or not, you can say it to yourself or say it out loud, and feel into it.  That energetic support is now within your system and vibrating to support you throughout the rest of your day.

Two: Choose a specific color or intention based on what you need support with that day.

For example, if you have a big presentation, an important conversation with a loved one, or you feel like you want your boundaries to be more clear with an in-law, you may choose Authentic. Authentic is blue, activated by the throat chakra, and will help support your intention or desire for support throughout your day.

Third: This option is more open and flowing, this is when you're drawn to a color, you're not exactly sure what the reason is or why, and it's not perfectly aligned to a chakra, but you just know this is the energy and support you're needing right now.  Go with your own flow, and trust that you're getting exactly what it is you need throughout your day.

As you go throughout your day, when you see the intention, or feel the softness of the fabric on your skin, remember that your intention has been set, the energy is already in motion for you, and seeing or feeling your reminder, only helps strengthen and validate that you're already in a more evolved vibrational space.  

Finally: How have you noticed your energy soften, flow more, and what transpired for you throughout your day?  Did you have an insight post big conversation with your boss, or after posting something online, was making a step towards something feel easier than usual?  How did the intention help make your day just a little bit better?

You may notice you choose the same color throughout the week, or are often changing, it's always based on however it feels right to you. 

So have fun and let your energy guide you!

You've got this, have fun, and let us know below how it's working for you!

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