March 07, 2022 2 min read

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How often do we make decisions based on what we’re supposed to do versus how we’re really feeling?  

For years I worked in technology, following the rules and implementing what society had confirmed I was meant to do, while my soul felt like it was slowly dying inside me.  I had a credible job, a 401k, all the things that are supposed to give you peace of mind and make you happy.  But I wasn’t.  Well, I had moments of happiness, but I was definitely not fulfilled.  I was having to constantly make decisions that were out of alignment with who I was (and am): telling my boss yes even though I disagreed, sacrificing family events or get-togethers with friends, and spending time with co-workers whose values didn’t align with mine – it’s a constant battle a lot of us face.

We take on jobs and duties to support ourselves and our loved ones, so that we can have fun outside of work, build hobbies and take vacations, yet why do we feel so drained in the day to day?

The feeling of being drained was so consistent within me that it became a natural state of who I was and I had no clue how to get out of it.  In fact, it took me years before I actually left tech to pursue my dream of being a business owner and helping others learn how to understand and support themselves energetically.

The way out is simple (it always is, we just need to take the steps and find a way to be patient with their outcome): when we’re feeling out of alignment with something in our day to day, how do we slowly right the ship and bring ourselves back into our highest alignment and purpose? 

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