March 03, 2022 2 min read

The term Chakra originated in India as far back as 1500 to 500 BC.

Universally, everyone has chakras, and I was mindful in developing Live Gratitude's usage of them.

Like many of us, I grew up feeling sensitive to other peoples energy.  With my imagination I would feel things go bump in the night, I'd sense other peoples energy, and as I started formally practicing energy healing work, I'd see people chakras and the beautiful colors would come in with healing frequencies to help support them on the next phase of their journey.

Chakras have an important role in our lives, they are our lesson keepers.  They hold what we've learned in multiple lifetimes and present for us the individual things we're here to heal and develop in this current lifetime.

That's why this concept of "balance my chakras" and "I have a chakra blockage crap I must have done something wrong!" is all a farce.  Our chakras are here to support us, lovingly, as we process through emotions, lessons, one small step (and once in awhile with a loud realization or shift) at a time.  They're patient, and once we've completed a lesson or a varying stage of one, they're there, ready to present the next one.

It's an ongoing journey.

How you perceive chakras and what helps you in your process is entirely up to your discretion. 

We do not use any Sanskrit verbiage or symbolism with our brand because it's not personally of my lineage in this lifetime, however we do support creators aligned with that sacred part of their life and celebrate their knowledge and creativity with it.

At Live Gratitude our focus is supporting you, the individual in learning more and feeling empowered in your path.  One step at a time, because the work of the chakras is never done. 

In colorful vibrant light,


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