November 09, 2021 1 min read

Welcome! I’m so grateful you’re here and our paths have crossed, and it’s no coincidence either.  

Grounding Live Gratitude into this space and time, I set the intention for a community of like hearted souls who want to learn and share each other's experiences when it comes to all things energy and how we’re collectively shifting our vibration.

Transforming the shadow into the light, one moment at a time, and doing it each our own way and at our own pace.  

The intentions chosen for our launch centered around our basic chakras, which are our lesson keepers. 

And there are more than enough lessons for each of us to go through in this lifetime!

The additional intentions help us be braver in our day to day and show up for ourselves.  They remind us that we can continue to focus our own energy on what we’re needing, so that we can then show up better for others.

In a world that’s pulling us in a hundred different directions, my intention is that Live Gratitude is one that pulls you back into your own powerful center.


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