January 16, 2023 2 min read

Affirmations and intention setting are powerful tools that can help individuals achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being.

Affirmations are positive statements that individuals repeat to themselves in order to shift their mindset and beliefs so they can therefore change their reality. They can be used to overcome daily negative thoughts and beliefs, not the same as healing grief and deep trauma, that takes intricate work, affirmations and mantras send out new energetic vibrations that reinforce positive thoughts and mindset.

Intention setting, on the other hand, involves identifying and clearly stating what you want to achieve. By setting clear and specific intentions, individuals can create a roadmap to success, and take consistent action to achieve their goals.

Intentions create the roadmap for that by putting the energy into motion.

When used together, affirmations and intention setting can be a powerful combination for personal growth and development. Regularly repeating affirmations can help to shift limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, while setting intentions can provide a clear direction for taking action.

Tips for incorporating intentions and affirmations into your day to day life:

1) Pick one area you'd like to improve upon in a month, is it happiness?  Feeling better, changing careers?  Choose a mantra or affirmation that will help your busy mind go in that new direction when you're busy and catch yourself in an otherwise negative mindset.

2) Journal, meditate, or work with a professional to determine why and how you've gotten to where you are at now, wha elements of you desire to be healed and move forward?

3) Use a note in your phone, set an alarm, or have a gentle reminder throughout your day, to refocus your thoughts and energy towards this vibration.

The Live Gratitude tanks are a beautiful and soft reminder throughout your day for this, each time you feel the soft fabric you'll remember what your intention was for the day, since the affirmation is printed on the inside of each tank.

4) And finally, recognize all of your small steps as progress, it takes time to shift, you are the creator of your life, and staying stuck doesn't help you or the rest of the world.

What else do you like to do to help shift to a positive mindset or, healing, throughout your day?

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