February 08, 2022 2 min read

You make a multitude of decisions throughout your day, and for the most part, it's pretty straightforward.

Then every once in awhile a decision makes you pause, you're not sure which direction to choose.  You want to make the best one and for some reason, the answer isn't crystal clear.

When you ground, you're connecting your physical body and energy to Mother Earth to receive support.  Nothing heals us like nature does.  And setting the intention to reconnect to Gaia, your energy quickly becomes more settled, and more clear.

You don't feel as anxious.

There's less energetic "noise" around you.

What once triggered you now has some clarity around it.

When you're grounded, you can really feel into and get crystal clear on what you need, now.  Despite the pictures we see on the internet, your root chakra compliments your crown chakra in that in flows from between your legs down to the ground. 

Just like your crown chakra goes up and out, your root chakra similarly goes down and out to the earth. It helps if you imagine or sense into the energy there and feel your root chakra flowing to connect directly with Mother Earth.  Just by imagining your root or sensing into your root chakra flowing down to connect with the ground beneath you will do wonders to help elevate your energy.

Being grounded reminds you that you are safe and supported at all times. 

Even with things feel topsy turvy, you're not sure which direction to go, or the energy isn't quite right that day, and especially when life deals us a much more dramatic hand: breakups, infertility, family issues, moving, it's important for you to remain connected to where you came from so you can feel as clear headed and grounded as possible, so that you can continue to feel into what the best next course of action is for you, and the ones you love.

 In light,


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