Chakra Collection Bikini

Harness the power of the seven chakras. This rainbow-hued bundle gives you a whole week’s worth of super soft undies infused with the power of positive intentions. Notice which one you gravitate towards on different days, or try wearing them in order at least once from root to crown to experience the full alignment of your energy. Or maybe you need to go with whichever pair is clean, either way it'll be meant to be.

This pack includes 7 bikinis:

  • Aligned (Fuchsia - Crown)
  • Wise (Purple - Third Eye)
  • Authentic (Blue - Throat)
  • Loved (Green - Heart)
  • Powerful (Yellow - Solar Plexus)
  • Creative (Orange - Sacral)
  • Grounded (Red - Root)

- Mid rise
- Just enough booty coverage
- Integrated waistband to prevent digging in
- Oh-so-soft sustainable fabric
- Naturally breathable
- Made in the USA


- Body: 92% Micro-Modal, 8% Spandex Care
- Wash with like colors
- Machine wash cold
- Do not bleach
- Tumble dry low
- Do not iron
- Do not dry clean

Fit Guide: 

- true to size
- ample stretch
- secure elastic to ensure steady support

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