About Live Gratitude

Hey there Iโ€™m Emily, Founder of Live Gratitude. After years of working in tech, where long hours and burn out were not only the norm but expected, I found myself with little to no time to fill my cup up, and would reach for different colored underwear in the morning and think about what that color meant, and how it was my intention for my day.

Sometimes it was the only thing I did for myself proactively.

I created Live Gratitude as a space for you to be able to turn into your energy and call in exactly what it is you need.

My vision is to create a line of essentials that are for you, and your every day. We chose a sustainable fabric that feels good, is good for your most intimate parts, and that empowers women and individuals to choose gratitude and good energy for themselves.

Our intentions are powerful.

The hidden messages throughout our line are meant to be that soft reminder that you know what you need close, and youโ€™re worthy of all of it.

We give life to that little voice in your head thatโ€™s rooting for you, and always has your back.

In gratitude and light,